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or A Few Words About Us...

AutoAlpha facilities

Our company AutoAlpha – Andrinopoulos-Adamakis O.E. was founded in 2014 and is a "natural continuation" of the "Peugeot Bakaniari" dealership, as our key executives are the same - awarded by the manufacturer Peugeot - persons and we are housed in the same modern and fully licensed facilities.

We are a "vertical" car unit specializing in manufacturers of the Stellantis group, i.e. Peugeot, Citroen, DS Automobiles, Opel and we operate both as an integrated workshop (Workshop, body shop, paint shop, electrical shop) and in the trading of used cars .

Our expectation is to combine the way of operation of an official dealer in terms of quality standards and know-how, with the flexibility that an independent repairer can have in the choice of solutions and spare parts.

The owners of the company are Konstantinos Andrinopoulos and Adamakis Georgios.

The Partners

Andrinopoulos Konstantinos

Konstantinos Andrinopoulos, studied Mechanic - Automotive Technician. Throughout his career he worked as a car technician. Initially, he worked at the "Peugeot Ignatios" company as an engineer and then as a chief engineer - diagnostician at the "Peugeot Lion Hellas" (1996-2000), "Citroen Fessas" (2000-2004) and "Peugeot Bakaniari" (2004-2014) dealerships. He was awarded as "Top Greek Diagnoser" by the French manufacturer. Since then and until today he is a full member of the company "Andrinopoulos - Adamakis G.P." and manager of the company's workshops.

Adamakis Georgios

Adamakis Georgios is a graduate of the Geology Department of the Faculty of Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a Master's Degree in the Department of Environment. However, his love for the automotive industry led him to work in the automotive field since 2008. He worked at the dealership and "Peugeot Bakaniari" as a technical consultant and in 2009 he was awarded by the Manufacturer as "Top Technical Consultant" receiving the highest rating in the country in the evaluation "Evalion". He then took over as manager of the new and used car sales department of "Peugeot Bakaniari". . Since then and until today he is a full member of the company "Andrinopoulos - Adamakis O.E." and head of the company's Sales and Insurance departments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beach volley athlete sponsored by AutoAlpha

Like all businesses, AutoAlpha is directly and inextricably linked to the society in which it operates.

In this context and recognizing our responsibility, we support the efforts of athletes from the field of athletics and beach volleyball.

Our love for sports we want to believe is transformed into a positive aura as our "athletes" repeatedly win first places in the competitions they participate in!