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Car maintenance at AutoAlpha

At AutoAlpha our goal is a personalized approach to the maintenance - supervision of your car. Knowing your vehicle, your driving habits - preferences, your needs and your driving conditions (I mean city, highway km per year, etc.), we recommend the best solutions for you and your car.

Your safety is our priority! In every maintenance of your vehicle, a detailed check is carried out, both mechanical and electronic - diagnostic, test of your car in real conditions and complete archiving of any findings of the check with the aim of dealing with them correctly.

Choosing AutoAlpha for the maintenance - repair of your car means that your car is checked by experienced, specialized and highly trained technicians, in an excellently equipped and state-of-the-art facility.

This is proven by the awards that our executives have received from the French manufacturer both in the field of diagnosis - repair, and in the field of technical support - understanding the customer's comments